Airport Exchange Office

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I arrive in Mauritius late at night. Will I be able to exchange money at the airport?

Where do I get the best rate?

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Yes, the SSR International airport has several money exchange offices.

There are also exchange offices spread out around the island. You will usually get the best rates at the exchange chains, such as Forex and Shibani rather than at the banks. Exchange offices at the airport are usually open according to flight schedules, that is, as long as there are flights arriving or departing, you will be able to exchange money.

Another possibility is of course to simply withdraw Rupees with your credit card using a local ATM / Cashpoint.

Please Note: If you leave the airport in your own rental car it is important that you exchange money at the airport since you will have to pay a 25 Rupee (around EUR 0.60) toll to get onto the Port Louis highway, cash only. It is not possible to exit the airport via car without paying this fee.

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