ATM / Cashpoint in La Preneuse?

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Is there an ATM in La Preneuse and do they accept Maestro Debit Cards?

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Yes, there are ATMs/cashpoints in all major towns in Black River and across the island, and in most of the smaller towns as well.

The ATMs in Mauritius accept most major credit cards as in elsewhere of the world (American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Diners etc).

Maximum withdrawal is typically Rs 10,000 but vary across the island. ATMs in Black River typically dispense up to Rs 40,000 per withdrawal.

La Preneuse has two ATMs, one at London Way supermarket and another one in the Ruisseau Creole shopping centre a couple of hundred metres down the road.

The majority of ATMs (including the ones in La Preneuse) accept Maestro cards.

As of 2012, a new Barclays ATM has opened at the ground floor of the newly built Nautica Commercial Centre in La Preneuse, capable of dispensing up to Rs 40,000 per withdrawal.

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