Average Temperature in Mauritius

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Hi. What’s the average temperature in Mauritius? I’ve seen graphs everywhere online but they all seem to have different data.

Thanks in advance….

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There are thousands of temperature charts all over the internet with data on average temperatures in Mauritius. Some are accurate, some are unfortunately not.

In our opinion, there is only one reliable source of information and that is the Mauritius Meteorological Services.

La Preneuse Beach in winter (April)

La Preneuse Beach in winter (April)

All other data usually originate from the MMS in one way or the other. Companies sometimes “adjust” this data to present a more favorable image to suit their business needs.

We feel that there is nothing to hide! Mauritius has pleasant weather year round, which is also visible in the meteorological charts below.

Information from the MMS is not adjusted in any way. It’s composed of raw statistics based on years of meteorological research from weather stations all over Mauritius.

Below are excerpts from their website for the different regions of Mauritius.

The meterological reading stations are located in Medine (west), Pamplemousses (north), Fuel (east), Plaisance (south) and Vacoas (central). All temperatures are displayed in degrees Celsius.

Weather Chart for West Mauritius


Weather Chart for North Mauritius


Weather Chart for East Mauritius


Weather Chart for South Mauritius


Weather Chart for Central Mauritius


All reports along with average rainfall and windspeeds are available in full at the Mauritius Meteorological Services website.

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