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Where can we buy cheap brand clothing?

Friends of ours went to a clothing market in Port Louis last year and although they found lots of clothes, they also found sellers to be a bit pushy. Are there other clothing markets that are not so touristy, and if so, where would we find them? We are going to your island in August. Thanks for any help!

J & A
South Africa

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Hi J & A. The clothing market in Quatre Bornes is one of the largest on the island and offers good value shopping for tourists and Mauritians alike.

Update February 2012:

The clothing market in Quatre Bornes has seen some changes in the past couple of years. The selection of goods is still good, but due to increasing popularity of the market, the prices have gone up a bit, and most items are no longer priced with tags, making it difficult for visitors to the island to know whether the quoted price is a good local price or not.

Still, the market is large, the selection of textiles arguably one of the better in all of Black River, and parking is very convenient at the neighbouring Newton Car Park.

However, several guests have found better and lower priced products in the Rose Hill clothing market a couple of kilometres northwest of Quatre Bornes. It takes a bit more work to locate this market by car, and parking is difficult to say the least, but there are a couple of smaller car park options right opposite of the market. If staying in Black River, access to Rose Hill is easiest from St Jean at the end of Quatre Bornes, just before Trianon and the Port Louis highway.

The Rose Hill clothing market is located right next to the bus terminus in central Rose Hill, so if arriving by bus, the market is only a couple of minutes walk away. Prices of dresses and more expensive items are typically always up for bargaining here, as competition is fierce. Most of the sellers are also flexible with the price if you buy more than one item.

It is one of the few clothing markets where you will find that most visitors are actually everyday Mauritian people rather than tourists. It is also open year round and it will be in full swing in August, however it is usually only open on Tuesdays and Sundays.

Coming by bus or taxi, you can’t really miss it. It is located right by the main road going through central Quatre Bornes and there’s a big parking nearby for convenient access by car.

The market is not only good for clothing but also for textiles in general, linen, cotton, silk etc as well as “household fabric” such as curtains and carpets.

Vendors selling small items like 50 rupee t-shirts, socks or underwear are generally not up for bargaining but it’s worth making an offer on more expensive items such as jeans, shirts, skirts, pashminas or brand clothing.

Happy shopping :)

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