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Looking for more up-to-date info on cost of living in Mauritius? Have a look at this and this article for 2011 and 2012 supermarket prices in Mauritius.

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Hello from Holland!

I have read about the cost of living in Mauritius on so many forums that I can’t keep track anymore and I keep getting mixed answers. Some people claim that the cost of living is similar to that of Europe and some say you can live for next to nothing. Could you please bring some clarity into this? Thanks!

The Netherlands.

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There is a simple explanation to all this! The cost of living from a European perspective is similar to that of Europe.

That is, if you buy typical European items in a Mauritian supermarket, like French ham, Norwegian salmon or British cereal, you will pay European prices, simply because the goods are imported from Europe.

However, if you buy local produce, for example tomatoes, pineapple, papaya, rum, tea, fish, chicken etc you will find that prices tend to be a lot lower. Goods imported from India and China also tend to be in the lower price range. For example, an Indian fillet of beef or pork will cost 30-40% of that of the Australian or South African equivalent.

Below is a list of common items along with prices.

Rs 100 (Mauritian Rupees) is approximately: EUR 2.50, GBP 2.10, USD 3.10.

Update: For 2011 and 2012 prices, see the new cost of living post here.

Drinks Comment Price (Rs)
Soft Drinks, Coca-Cola, Fanta 33 cl bottle 12.00
Juice (papaya, orange) 1 litre tetra 20.00
Heineken Lager Beer 33 cl can 27.00
Phoenix Lager Beer 65 cl bottle 42.00
Table Wine (Mauritian) 75 cl bottle 65.00
Table Wine (French/S.African) 75 cl bottle 150.00
Rum, White Diamond 75 cl bottle 80.00
Rum, Green Island 75 cl bottle 140.00
Other Common Items Comment Price (Rs)
French Baguette White Bread 22.00
Cigarettes (Mauritian) 20 pcs 85.00
Cigarettes (American/European) 20 pcs 100.00
Petrol 1 litre 34.00
Fast Food Meal (Mauritian) Chicken roll, kebab 30.00 – 40.00
Fast Food Meal (International) KFC, McDonald’s 80.00 – 100.00

Bottom line; Live like a local and you will spend very little on food but if you choose European brand name produce, the cost of living will be similar to that of Europe.

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  • Tim

    You can go to almost any beach in the morning and buy fresh fish and lobster from local fishermen. It’s less than half of the price compared to the supermarket.

  • Karin Birke

    kann mir bitte jemand sagen ob Bungalow Vanille alleinstehend ist, oder sich in einer Anlage befindet.

  • Forum Staff

    Hi Karin,

    I am sorry we cannot provide support in German at the moment.

    For Bungalow Vanille specific questions, please contact reservations.

  • Willy

    Great article but both the French and South African wine is actually a lot cheaper than 150 rupees, at least where I live (Rose Hill).

  • Thanks for your comment. Yes, apart from petrol there are of course cheaper versions of all things listed above, as well as more expensive. The prices are meant to be an indication as to what you can expect as a visitor to Mauritius. You can buy a bottle of rum for 30 rupees but the average traveller/visitor is probably unlikely to take the time to find it!

  • Kim

    What are the prices of beer, drinks and wine in a bar or night club?

  • This will vary greatly on location and venue. Seaside is typically pricier than inland. You may find this post useful.

  • joe

    i live in australia suppose to be a lucky country hah, just a properganda , mauritius is better living , when it comes for $ im going back to my paradise island i dont care what anybody says , cost of living is way too high here & getting higher

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