Remote deserted beaches in Mauritius

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You mention in the ask-a-question-text, “location of deserted beaches” but I see no answer.

I guess it’s just an example but still … is it possible to find private deserted beaches? Cheers. Mike.

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Hi Mike. This is a good question (and quite a frequent one actually). It is indeed possible.

Mauritius has some 200km of coast line and parts of it, especially in the less developed south, account for deserted beaches although they are sometimes difficult to access, depending on location.

There are plenty of well known spots for finding your own private beach in and around Le Morne (with around 4km of sandy beaches) but since the area is fairly easy to access, you might run into the odd explorer with the same idea. Nevertheless, Le Morne is still a beautiful area and well worth visiting for the many quiet, long beaches.

If you’re serious about your deserted beach business, there are plenty of hidden paradise beaches in Mauritius but they require some work and research to find. Satellite map software applications are good friends on that quest, at least in the virtual world.

In the real world, a good way of finding remote beaches in Mauritius is to join a mountain trek route with an experienced guide and then take off on your own at some point. This is not something that we recommend unless you are an experienced trekker though (with experience trekking in tropical climates), nevertheless, the option is there!

Most mountain trekking operators in the south west also arrange coastal walks that will bring you to parts of the more inaccessible coast line.

Another way of locating remote beaches is of course to access them from the water. If you’re a skipper you can rent boats from the many fishermen around the beaches in the south west, however, the best approach would be to find a skipper locally and rent his services rather than the boat.

The waters in the south are not always protected by the coral reef and as such can be extremely rough at times, still they provide a way of access to the unspoilt south coast.

For the real “hardcore” remote beach explorer, Cargados Carajos is located some 300 km north east of Mauritius, however you would have to prepare for a bumpy 30 hour trip to get there by boat. 190 km² of coral reefs and around 20 islands of deserted white paradise beaches would probably suit the most discerning beach explorer though, however, this is for a future thread in this forum!

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  • Sebastian

    Great article, but please do one on Cargados Carajos, we are sailing there next year :)

    As for remote beaches in Mauritius, there is a beautiful beach near Camp Carol in the south west, I think it’s called La Cambosa or something. Just rent a motorbike and follow the coast to the east. We tried with a car but could not get anywhere near it. The roads are really bad but it’s definitely worth it when you get there.

  • Hi there. I think you are referring to La Cambuse, a few kilometres west of Blue Bay. It is actually easier to approach La Cambuse from this part of the island as there are cliffs and private sugar fields preventing easy access from the west, but it is indeed worth the hassle nevertheless!

  • Sid

    Do you know any companis that offer boat trips to cargados carajos? Sebastian, maybe you know? Thank. Sid.

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