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Hi! What wedding organisers do you recommend for getting married in Mauritius and do the prices vary a lot?

We are looking for an all inclusive package for the actual wedding (beach wedding, open air dinner, live music etc) but we’re thinking about arranging the accommodation separately as we would like to get married in the east but sort of honeymoon in the west if possible (we heard that the weather is better in the west but wedding packages are cheaper in the east, is it true?). Thanks. Laura.

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Hi Laura!

We do not recommend specific companies as a wedding is a very personal thing and what is beautiful or good value for one couple might not be for another, however, all the major five star hotels on the island arrange wedding packages of all types (even if you don’t stay with them).

When choosing the location, there are however a few points that apply to most of the beach weddings.

There is the obvious one with the weather, which is of course impossible to predict or control, however, one should be aware that the east of the island is a lot windier than the west. This is usually a good thing in the very hot November and December months as it functions as a cool breeze. For the rest of the year though, this can be a problem, mostly with sand ending up in all the wrong places but also with other details such as candle light, torches, BBQ or other wind sensitive things.

Another comment we hear from people that tie the knot in the east, is that of the beautiful sunset pictures, or rather the lack of them. The classic wedding photo of a beautiful couple on the beach, with the sun setting behind them in the Indian Ocean horizon exists everywhere, but it is surely not photographed on the east coast.

On the plus side, the establishments on the east coast sometimes tend to have more attractive (lower price) wedding packages, perhaps partly due to the above.

To answer your question on the weather; yes it is better in the west if you define better by means of more sun, higher temperatures and less rain, as this is the case in most parts of the west when compared to the east.

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