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Hello. I read some time ago in a travel magazine that there are wild monkeys in Mauritius, however I cannot find any info on it now.

Is this correct and can you get close to them or is it more like a national park where you cannot go? Not even wikipedia mention monkeys in Mauritius so I am starting to doubt if they really exist!

It might not be a big thing for you but for me coming from cold Europe, monkeys are quite exciting! Thanks for any help (preferably on where to find them in Mauritius :)).

Jon, Bergen (Norway).

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Hi there. There are indeed wild monkeys in Mauritius, in fact a whole lot of them. Estimates state populations of 30,000-40,000 Macaque monkeys living in their natural habitat in Mauritius.

A very good starting ground for monkey spotting is the area around Grand Bassin – a small lake in the south west of Mauritius. Grand Bassin is accessible from the west coast via Case Noyale and Chamarel and also from the north through Vacoas and Curepipe.

Mauritian Macaque Monkey

Mauritian Macaque Monkey

The forest around Grand Bassin is full of wild monkeys and you can easily get close to them by walking down towards the lake on any side.

A word of advice though: Avoid venturing into any forest on your own, or without an experienced guide. To many visitors, half a metre high monkeys are cute and don’t seem like a big threat, however they are wild animals in their natural habitat and can become very aggressive if disturbed, especially during mating seasons.

Happy monkey spotting!

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