Best time to visit Mauritius?

What month of the year is the best time to visit Mauritius?

This is undeniably one of the most frequent questions we receive, and by far one of the most difficult to reply to.

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Flic en Flac beach in October

Flic en Flac beach in October

The question one should really ask is; When is the best time to visit Mauritius for me?

Also, one should ask; What part of the island is the best one for me?

Hot and humid are keywords when it comes to the Mauritian climate, as opposed to mainland Europe and other countries sharing the same latitude. Below are a few points that might be of help;

Mauritius has two seasons; summer (Oct-Mar) and winter (Apr-Sep).

The island can (roughly) be divided into three climate zones; the west, inland and the east.

Temperatures in the west are roughly 20-25C in the Mauritian winter, 25-35C in the summer and generally about 5C cooler on the inland plateau and in the east.

A good thing to keep in mind is that the east coast is windier than the west, which has both its advantages and disadvantages. Have a look at the wedding post for more info on the pros and cons of the temperature and wind in Mauritius.

If one is planning on spending most of the holiday on the beach, November-December, and possibly January and February will arguably be the warmest (but not necessarily the sunniest) period, regardless of the location, with a few inland exceptions.

South La Preneuse

South La Preneuse

However, for anything outside of beach life, such as trekking or travelling around the island, the weather at this time of year can get very exhausting, due to the combination of high temperature and high humidity. Also, a good thing to keep in mind is that the high season is also the wet season.

There is a reason why the summer (October to March) is called the “high season”, and this is simply because the majority of the hotel industry in Mauritius is geared towards relaxation and beach life rather than activities and culture.

Another thing to keep in mind for the traveller on a budget is that restaurants in Mauritius typically use a three version menu system, with pricing adjusted to low, high and peak seasons. In other words, eating out in Mauritius is typically most expensive from mid December to mid January. The low season vary from restaurant to restaurant, but for most restaurants in Mauritius, March to October is generally regarded as the low season, and thus fewer guests and lower prices.


Without getting too analytical, if you plan on spending most of the time on the beach (and can stand the heat), October to March is arguably the best time to visit Mauritius from a temperature perspective, with peak season around Christmas and New Years.

The rest of the year is somewhat cooler and thus allows for a more comfortable holiday if you plan on discovering the country side, rain forests, botanical gardens, mountains, Port Louis or if you plan on putting any other sort of activities on your agenda!

The passionate beach lover will probably find useful. Launched in September 2011, it is the ambitious venture of mapping all public beaches in Mauritius into one large database. The project is expected to be completed in late 2012, but is already now accessible through the link

13 comments to Best time to visit Mauritius?

  • Sean

    Any time is a good time to visit Mauritius!!! :)

    And if you’re looking for a place to stay, check out [moderated for adverts] for villa rentals across the island…

  • Joe

    The best time to go is April/May, and here’s why:

    – Hardly any tourists = better price deals for accommodations
    – Comfortable temperature (like 25-27 degrees)
    – End of the summer = the water is nice and warm
    – End of the rain period = everything is lush and green and pretty.
    – Beginning of low season = low prices in restaurants.

    Just my two cent …

  • Vinay

    Agree with previous “two cent”. The low season in Mauritius is like a European summer, but with almost no rain! Why do almost everyone come here in December?

  • mohit

    We are couple planning to visit in march.plz advise us ita good to visit in march at maruritius

  • Bonjour Mohit! March is a great month to visit Mauritius, for many reasons. After months of high temperatures and plenty of rainfall, the island is very green at this time of year, and the water is very warm. There are also less tourists in March than in Nov/Dec/Jan, and hotel rates and restaurant prices drop a bit.

  • Rajat

    We are newly wedding couple and planning to visit Mauritius in March for our HONEYMOON..Please advice us it’s good to visit Mauritius in March because I listen and saw on many websites..In March Rain is very common and i don’t want to spoil our first holiday because of Rain..SO Kindly suggest your views…

  • Hello Rajat. The weather in March is usually good, but there can be some tropical showers during early March (although they are typically short lived). Black River receives the least rain when compared to the rest of Mauritius, so our suggestion would be to stick to the south west, or at least the west coast. We wish you a great honeymoon!

  • rahul`

    I am planning my honeymoon trip to mauritius in 1st week of February, but i heard that the weather is extremely hot at that time. I don’t want to spoil my honeymoon. please suggest.
    p.S.- i am from India(consider that thing too)

  • Rikke Lausen

    hows the weather in mid September?

  • Hi Rikke, and thanks for your question. The temperature in September is normally around 25-28 degrees, humidity is relatively low compared to Dec-Feb, and the coastal areas receive very little rainfall. Enjoy your trip!

  • Glenn

    We are planning a trip this August to Maruti us and plan to some water sport activities too like snorkeling etc. Please advise if it’s the best time

  • vikas

    hi we are planning to visit mauritus in jun. would it be the right time for water sports and how will be the weather pl

  • Melissa

    Hi vikas,
    If you go to Mauritius inJune, the temperature is expected to be 20-24 degrees, water’s tem. is 25C approx. The cold season starts 15th of June and ladts till 1th of September. I were there in December, when I had a wed ceremony in Mauritius. the wether was excellent! We did water sport a lot during our honeymoon, and took lots of incredible photos of course. By the way we’ ve found good photographer here

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