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Hi, will my Dutch mobile phone work in Mauritius? I have a T-Mobile prepaid card.


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Hi there,

Mobile and Laptop on Beach

Yes, it will work fine, although if you are planning on using it for outgoing calls, I recommend that you buy a local SIM card once you arrive here in Mauritius. It costs only 100 Rupees (less than EUR 2,50) and includes 100 Rupees to call for so in effect you don’t really pay for the SIM card.

Call charges are significantly lower in Mauritius than in Europe, even for international calls.

Mobile phone tariffs change frequently but currently you can call a Dutch (and most other European countries) landline or mobile phone for Rs 10/min.

In other words, to be on the beach and call your friends and family in Europe, mobile to mobile, will cost you less than EUR 0,25 per minute, provided that you use a Mauritian SIM card of course.

The major carriers in Mauritius are Emtel and Orange, although a few others exist as well, and you will find vendors selling SIM cards on every other corner.

You can also buy SIM cards in the major supermarkets across the island.

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