Night Life in Mauritius

What are the prices of drinks in bars and clubs in Mauritius?

Alcohol, especially the local rum, is very cheap in Mauritius compared to most parts of Europe and all clubs and bars typically feature a great variation on rum drinks.

Night Life

Beer prices in an average bar in the seaside towns are typically Rs 60-70 for a 33cl glass or bottle. A glass of house wine, red, white or rosé, is around Rs 80-100 and cocktails usually start at around Rs 100-150 depending on location and venue.

In the popular night spots you can expect to pay around Rs 100 for a 33cl beer and Rs 150 for a UK style pint.

Several seaside clubs cater almost exclusively to visitors (tourists) from the UK, France and Germany and as such set their prices to reflect the prices in these countries, only slightly lower.

The luxury hotels often practice the unofficial “cheap for tourists policy” with similar prices to that of western Europe, only slightly lower.

For lower prices and more local flavour, try to steer clear of the upmarket hotels and main beach roads and instead head for the smaller bars and restaurants away from the beach.

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  • JekiBA

    I’ve read your response on night life in Mauritius. I just wanted to know whether the clubs/restaurants in Mauritius also cater for Southern African beverages like Amstel Lager, Castle Lager, Windhoek Lager, Hunters Gold and dry, etc.

  • You will find the Dutch lagers under the Heineken brand (such as Amstel) in most clubs, bars and restaurants around the island. For South African lagers, you will find them predominantly in venues catering to the large group of South African expatriates living in Black River. The major local lagers include various brands from Phoenix and Stag breweries.

  • Nicola

    I’ll be travelling to Mauritius in 2 weeks time and will be staying on the West Coast. What can I expect to pay for drinks when going out now?

  • Nicola, this depends entirely on where you end up going, and of course on what you drink. Cocktails typically start at around Rs 100 in the cheaper bars, but will set you back several hundred rupees in popular seaside night clubs. Mauritian beers typically start at Rs 60-70 in the cheaper bars. A golden rule when going out on the cheap is simply to drink what the locals drink. Imported beverages are – not surprisingly – more expensive than the locally produced ones.

  • abhi

    im going to mauritius in september, i would like to know about apartment rents and education costs?

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