Car Rental in Mauritius

How much does it cost to rent a car in Mauritius?

Generally speaking, the rates of rental cars will peak with the season, that is, in December to January the prices will undoubtedly go up.

Malaysian car Proton Saga

If you visit Mauritius outside of the high season you are likely to be able to find a car locally at discounted rates.

A small air conditioned car, for example the popular Nissan March (known outside Asia and the Indian Ocean as the Nissan Micra) or Hyundai Atos can be rented for as little as EUR 20 per day in low season (from local agencies).

The Malaysian carmakers Proton and Perodua are also big suppliers of rental cars in Mauritius.

Rentals contracts normally include a comprehensive insurance and unlimited mileage and a credit card is typically required to function as a security deposit.

The major international car rental agencies are also well represented on the island, such as Europcar and Hertz and typically provide a wider selection of cars, but roughly double the rates.

Note: Always make sure that you rent a yellow plated car, as these are owned by registered companies in Mauritius. A black plated car is owned by a private individual which means that it is not licensed for short term rentals.

The same goes for the taxi services on the island. A yellow plated taxi in Mauritius will have a taxi license, whereas a black plated vehicle will be a private driver posing as a taxicab.

Although black plated taxis may be a lot cheaper, they are essentially illegal taxicab operations and should be avoided at all times.

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  • anita

    I will be going to Mauritius in July/August and need to hire a car for a week.
    How much will this be

    Also can I pick the car from the airport and drop to Rosehill or Riviere Noire for 2 days

    Please let me know what your rate is


  • Hi Anita. We are not a car rental agency, but you should expect anywhere from Rs 1000 and upwards per day for a small car with air conditioning, if you rent with a local car rental agency. July is low season in Mauritius so you would be able to negotiate a good deal if you rent for a week or more. Pick & Drop in different locations are usually practiced only by the larger car rental companies that have several rental locations across the island.

  • Hi, need a car for hire on the 15/03/15 to 20/03/15
    Give us a quote please

  • Sorry, but we are not a car rental company. We suggest that you get in touch with a car rental agency. They will be able to help you.

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