Flights from Europe to Mauritius

Do you actually reply to all questions? Anyway, here’s my question: I know that most major airlines fly to Mauritius one way or the other, but what is typically the cheapest and best option from Europe (from Belgium)?

To be honest with you, we don’t reply to all the questions that we receive, as we would do nothing but reply to questions! We do however reply to questions that many people ask, in other words; questions that many people want to find an answer to!

From Belgium you have a lot of options, and the best value for money is typically to fly out of Charles de Gaulle International in Paris. Competition is fierce and you will get good offers from CDG from many airlines.

Since ‘cheap’ and ‘good’ are two very different things, we can’t really recommend a specific airline, but generally speaking, Germany based airline Condor offers very attractive air fares to Mauritius (perhaps at a little less comfort than its competitors).

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It might also be worth looking at flights to Reunion, since it is a dependency of France. From Reunion Island there are scheduled ferry services to Mauritius and the harbour of Port Louis, as well as flights from Roland Garros International to SSR International in Mauritius.

Back in Europe, Istanbul is currently on the rise as a cheap departure airport according to several news sources, and if you can find cheap flights to Istanbul, it might be worth checking out doing a transfer there.

Although direct flight time from Europe to Mauritius is typically less than 14 hours, flying to Maurtius from Europe is essentially a 24 hour project, considering airport transfers, check-in times, customs and transport to your accommodation.

Both Air France, Condor, British Airways, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic and several other airlines operate direct flights from CDG to Mauritius SSR International.

If you prefer a break along the way, Dubai based airline Emirates offers comfortable 6+6 hour flights from Europe, with a transfer at Dubai International Airport. It’s a popular route, since it gives you the opportunity of a stop-over in Dubai. Dubai Tax Free is world famous for its jewellery and electronics at bargain prices.

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