Best Snorkelling in Mauritius

Where do you find the best snorkelling waters in Mauritius? Scuba diving in Mauritius’ warm Indian Ocean waters is an amazing experience, no doubt about that, but it’s definitely not the cheapest way to discover the marine life of the island.

“Scuba diving on the cheap”, is an expression we hear sometimes, and while it is true that you cannot per definition compare scuba diving an 18th century shipwreck to snorkelling the shallow waters of a west coast coral reef, there is much more to snorkelling in Mauritius than the seasoned divers will tell you.

Sea turtle in Mauritius

Sea turtle in Mauritius

The recipe for good snorkelling waters is quite a simple one, and with this article we’re aware that we might be stirring up some dead coral in the Ministry of Tourism by stating the fact that most locals are already aware of, but hey, it’s not like it’s a secret:

Where there are plenty of tourists, you will typically find a lot of fine white sand, shallow waters, and – dead coral!

With the odd exception, it’s really as simple as that!

Many hotels around the island are offering their customers “water shoes for free” or “protective gloves and footwear for free”. This is like giving out army boots to a golfer, but it is a practice seen all over the island.

The rubber shoes function as a protection against all sorts of sharp objects on the seafloor – coral included – and they keep most travel insurance companies happy throughout the year. These shoes will effectively kill both sea urchins and – that’s right; coral.

The easiest way to avoid causing damage to the fragile coral reef of Mauritius is to snorkel from boats. Not only do you get the opportunity to snorkel waters that few people have seen, but you also get an opportunity to preserve the unique Indian Ocean seafloor, the colourful coral and the beautiful marine life of Mauritius.

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  • we are staying at the tropical attitude hotel from the 2nd july for 10 days where is the best place to go snorkelling.

  • Due to the proximity of Ile aux Cerfs, you will find plenty of tour operators in and around Trou d’Eau Douce, willing to take you to good snorkelling spots nearby (against a small fee). If you rent a car, it might be worth driving down to Blue Bay and the surrounding areas. At this time a year, there are few tourists on the east coast, and you should be able to negotiate good rates to go boat snorkelling in the Blue Bay area. The weather conditions will decide where it’s best to go. The east coast weather can be very windy at this time of the year, so your best best bet would be to ask locals or your hotel staff for guidance. Always respect the Beach Authority signs “Bain Dangereux/Dangerous Bathing” wherever you find them. There are plenty of them on the east and south coasts and they are there for a reason.

  • Frank

    We actually enjoyed snorkeling without water shoes but with a good guide ( Blue Bay marine park was okay, we preferred flcen flac and belle mare.

    As you pointed, the seabed are quite damaged in touristic areas with motorboats. I was advised not to touch or collect corals to protect the environment. Preserve the seafloor!

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