Detailed Map of Mauritius

Many holidaymakers ask us for a detailed map of Mauritius and Rodrigues. Until recently these maps of Mauritius were very difficult to come across – but not anymore!

All public Mauritius maps are maintained by the Cartographic Section of the Mauritian Ministry of Housing and Lands, and the latest version is published in PDF form by the Government of Mauritius.

Excerpt of detailed map of Mauritius

Excerpt of detailed map of Mauritius

For the avid cartographer, or perhaps sailor, it might be interesting to know that hard copies of all navigational charts of Mauritius, including navigational charts for Agalega Islands, Port Louis and Approaches to Port Louis are available for sale at the Ministry of Housing and Lands in Port Louis.

The documents available for sale also includes navigational charts for Mathurin Harbour and Approaches to Mathurin Harbour in the island of Rodrigues.

This high resolution map of Mauritius is freely available for download from the Government of Mauritius through the below link;

Download detailed map of Mauritius (PDF)

All topographic maps and navigational or nautical charts of Mauritius, Rodrigues and Agalega Islands are subject to copyright and reproduction regulations, but detailed hard copies of each map or chart can be bought directly from the Cartography Section in Port Louis.

For more information, simply contact the Government of Mauritius and the Ministry of Housing and Lands.

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    Can a yacht with 4 feet draft enter Flic en Flac harbour.. What is the max draft for a boat at an average high tide?
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