Restaurants in La Preneuse

Although a quiet residential area, the village of La Preneuse is still home to a couple of the better restaurants in Mauritius – of both international and Mauritian cuisine.

With a few exceptions, most of the restaurants in La Preneuse are located on or around Royal Road.

Lunch with a view - The Bay Hotel in La Preneuse.

Lunch with a view - The Bay Hotel in La Preneuse

Near London Way supermarket there is the popular Balikopy restaurant, bar and outdoor lounge. The restaurant sports a set of custom built Bali inspired huts with comfortable white cushions, set in a lush garden, complete with a swimming pool to cool yourself off during the hot afternoons.

Speaking of London Way, the popular supermarket is in itself a good spot for a tasty budget lunch. Their highly popular baguettes with various Mauritian fish, squid, lamb and chicken curries are still a steal at Rs 50-70.

Near the London Way supermarket you will also find the Dreamteam bar and restaurant Chez Gio, Italian eaterie Il Duca, and a little further to the north, the old La Preneuse classic restaurant La Bonne Chute.

Further to the north and closer towards Tamarin, the popular restaurant Cabanon Créole serves hearty Mauritian cuisine at moderate prices.

The newly built Nautica commercial centre to the south has not yet surprised us with a good restaurant, but for quality pizza, head across the street to Ruisseau Créole and Pizzadelic.

Towards the beach, The Bay Hotel and restaurant Les Sirandanes is serving its customers a sunset experience right by La Preneuse beach, with quality food and service – but remember to bring your wallet.

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