Thaipoosam Cavadee

Thaipoosam Cavadee is a Tamil festival and public holiday in Mauritius, held annually in Tamil communities across the island.

Thaipoosam devotee with pierced back

Thaipoosam devotee with pierced back

The festival is celebrating the Hindu deity Murugan, the son of Lord Shiva, and belong to one of the most important Tamil festivals in Mauritius.

Every year after a fasting period, the devotees walk across the island to Tamil temples, carrying their decorated ‘cavadees’ with them, in honor of Lord Murugan – the Tamil God of war and victory.

The ‘cavadee’ or kavadi, is essentially a physical burden, expressing various acts of devotion to Lord Murugan, and it is not uncommon to express devotion through mortification of the flesh, typically by piercing the skin on the chest, the cheek or tongue.

Other ‘lighter’ forms of cavadees or kavadis includes carrying various carved structures of wood, typically decorated in honor of Lord Murugan with flowers, pictures and fruit.

Thaipoosam Cavadee 2012 occurs in Mauritius around the 7th of February, which is also an official Public Holiday in Mauritius.

6 comments to Thaipoosam Cavadee

  • reshma peerajee

    am reshma peerajee from mauritius now living in australia (perth)just wanna let u know even we settle here still follow the culture . ca jour la ene grand evement pou nu tous cousin cousine leve du lait ou caveedee pour siven beau bassin .mo espere que la rue dan ti chaud comme dabitube miss ca ti de leau tamarin la ca ti sept cari la enfin bon courage a tous dimoune kine leve caveedee

  • harish khadaroo

    i am very proud that mauritian peoples still follow their culture even abroad .

  • Devina Brijrajh

    I am a mauritian, living in South Africa for a long time now. I still remember, when i was younger, i should walk with the group who are carrying cavadee. Today brought back memories. Having dinner at friends house, not forgetting the “sagoo and applon” Yummy…. Very special! I am proud of my mauritian nation for keeping the culture alive… Great job!

  • coumaren subramanen

    proud to be amauritian even working in usa since several years>keep it up >

  • selvana soobramanien

    j suis contente d;etre tamoule pour moi ce jour la es unuque et memorable tous bane aka ek ane habile en rose pou muruga nou prepare ca jour ca avec en ;a joie dsans nous lcoeur

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