Tropical fruit in Mauritius

Tropical fruit in Mauritius is naturally available in abundance all over the island, both cultivated and in the wild, and two of the more common fruits in Mauritius include the papaya and the mango.

Lychees at fruit market in Mauritius

Lychees at fruit market in Mauritius

These two fruit trees and their juicy products are found in the wild all over the island, and form an integral part of the Mauritian cuisine, most notably in the form of chutneys and pickles of Indian heritage.

Due to the abundance of mango in Mauritius, several variations of South Indian mango chutneys are very popular throughout the island, and there are probably as many recipes as there are mango trees on the island.

A common Mauritian mango chutney recipe is a mix of sliced green (unripe) mango, fresh lime juice, green chili, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, vinegar, and a mix of spices, ranging from mustard seeds to turmeric and garlic, and very often a vindaye spice mix.

Other popular fruits in Mauritius include the lychee, or litchi, as it is sometimes spelled, as well as pineapple, both of which are cultivated in several parts of the island. Bananas in Mauritius are typically small, sweet and plentiful, and grow all over the island.

Other popular fruits in Mauritius include lime and lemon, granadilla (commonly known as the Mauritian passionfruit), guava, coconut, tamarind and watermelon.

Other fruits found in supermarkets in Mauritius are typically imported from Asia, Europe and Africa, mainly from India, France and South Africa, such as blueberry, cherry, grape, prune, strawberry and several types of apple, pear and orange.

For the reasons above, mango, papaya and other tropical fruits are naturally a lot cheaper than the imported varieties.

The Black River fruit lover will find a haven of tropical fruit at the weekly fruit market in Quatre Bornes.

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