Cascavelle Shopping Village

Bringing the best to the west?

The Cascavelle Shopping Village opened up to the curious Black River crowds in late 2011, and was a much anticipated addition to the range of retail stores and restaurants in Flic en Flac.

Cascavelle shopping village car park north

Cascavelle shopping village car park north

Located at the entrance of Flic en Flac, and a good 4 kilometres from central Flic en Flac, the 10,000 square metre shopping village is almost exclusively targeted towards customers with their own means of transport.

It is in theory possible to arrive with public transport from both Flic en Flac, Bambous and the south, with four bus stops in the area, but it is obvious that this is a shopping village for the car crowd.

With the slogan Bringing the best to the west, the local Medine Property and its group of foreign investors are luring potential customers with state of the art retail.

Whether or not you will find “the best” at the Cascavelle Shopping Village is really a matter of definition – and of expectations. At first glance, a vast number of the stores seem to target wealthy tourists from the upmarket beach resorts in south Flic en Flac and Wolmar.

Cascavelle shopping village south wing

Cascavelle shopping village south wing

Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and other renowned brands dominate the north wing with perfumeries and high end clothing. Although there is obvious competition for the customers, this is definitely not where you head for budget clothing.

A couple of cafés and the brand new Pick n Pay Supermarket is also located at the north end, together with popular fast food outlet KFC at the entrance of the parking lot.

The south wing is quite simply geared towards eating. The area is branded the village food court, and it is literally packed with eateries of all types and price ranges, including Debonairs Pizza, Milky Lane, Panarottis, Steers Burgers, Taste of Asia, Spur Steak Ranch, Greedy Dragon and others.

The shopping village also sports some of the more expected facilities, such as pharmacies, a number of ATMs, mobile phone stores such as Orange and Emtel showrooms, as well as a couple of stores selling computer gear and household electronics.

Free of charge public restrooms are also essential features of a good shopping mall, and Cascavelle is no exception.

Cascavelle shopping village south wing

Cascavelle shopping village south wing

Medine Property promised its investors airy patios, attractive food courts, stunning views of the sea and the mountains, and a state of the art shopping experience catering to all needs.

While the shopping village might lack a few specialty stores, and the promised gourmet restaurants are really difficult to find, we still have to agree that Medine Property, Retail Africa, GIMCO and its contractors have really succeeded with their ambitions.

All in all, the Cascavelle Shopping Village is a pleasant shopping experience, and arguably the most complete shopping village to date in coastal Black River.

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  • Brent

    Hi there I’m looking for a shop where I can buy a micro SD class 10 memory stick please as I need one and I am staying in Aanari hotel an spa please help its urgent

  • There’s a computer accessory shop on the road between Flic en Flac and Cascavelle Shopping Village. You can see it from the main road on your right if driving from Flic en Flac towards Cascavelle, near morcellement St Jacques. They might be able to help you. Otherwise there is a similar store in Cascavelle as well, near the Orange mobile showroom.

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