Tap water in Mauritius

Is tap water in Mauritius safe to drink?

This is a question that most visitors to the island ask themselves, although many automatically assume that it is not, and instead buy bottled water.

Popular mineral water in Mauritius

Popular mineral water in Mauritius

The Central Water Authority, or CWA, is tasked with the distribution of safe drinking water in Mauritius, and as of 2012, the potable water distributed by the CWA meets the World Health Organization standards for safe drinking water.

CWA’s compliance to WHO norms is monitored by the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, by conducting regular and independent ground water quality tests of all aquifers in Mauritius. The tests conducted follow international standards to prevent trace metals and other parameters from exceeding maximum levels.

Tests are also conducted to prevent Escherichia coli (E. coli) and other coliform bacteria from entering drinking water reservoirs, and where present, the water is treated by the CWA to meet safe drinking water standards.

Parts of the Environmental Protection Act regulates drinking water standards in Mauritius, and this section is in force to ensure that all Mauritian citizens have access to safe drinking water.

From a visitors perspective, the drinking water is often more a matter of taste than that of safety, and food in restaurants is nearly always prepared with water straight from the tap.

In other words, tap water in Mauritius is by international standards considered safe for human consumption, and the population of Mauritius is living proof that the tap water is indeed safe to drink.

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