Albion Lighthouse, Pointe aux Caves.

Albion Lighthouse, or Cave Point Lighthouse is situated on the west coast near the sleepy village of Albion.

Towering over the cliffs, the Albion lighthouse has a panoramic view of the shoreline from Pointe aux Sables to Flic en Flac, and overlooks the luxury mansions of south Albion.

Albion lighthouse exterior

Albion lighthouse exterior

It is a historical site which still plays a major role a navigational aid. Given its strategical position on the way to Port Louis Harbour and its exceptional architecture (a concrete and masonry tower with a cast iron dome), it facilitates navigation into the harbour access channel.

The Cave Point Lighthouse, or in French; Le Phare de Pointe aux Caves, is also commonly known as Belle Vue Lighthouse, Phare Pointe, or simply Albion Lighthouse.

The tower height is 97 feet (30 meters) and the two white flashes that light up the area every 10 seconds are visible within 29 nautical miles.


The Albion lighthouse was built and inaugurated under the government of Sir Charles Cavendish Boyle.

Life through a lens at Albion Lighthouse

Life through a lens at Albion Lighthouse

Boyle was born in Bridgetown, Barbados in 1849, and received his education at the Charterhouse School in London. He worked as Colonial Secretary in Bermuda in the late 19th century and he was also the magistrate for the Leeward Islands in Dominica for some time.

In the early 20th century, boyle was appointed Governor of Newfoundland, and his passion for the local population and its challenges made him a very popular governor.

After only a few years he was promoted Governor of Mauritius, moved and settled in Mauritius and remained on the island until his retirement.

The Albion lighthouse was built in 1910, shortly before Governor Boyle retired, and the architecture was unique for the island.

More than one hundred years later, the structure is still intact, and the interior is largely composed of the original design and building material.

Metal and glass at Albion Lighthouse

Metal and glass at Albion Lighthouse

The climb to the top is a daunting one, and you can feel the stairs creak as you get higher up in the tower. The tower itself is seldom open to the public, but it seems to depend on who you ask. The Mauritian Port Authority is responsible for the maintenance of all lighthouses in Mauritius.

To get to the lighthouse, simply head for Albion. Coming from Flic en Flac, just drive through Bambous and turn left at Canot. The lighthouse is signposted from the village of Albion.

Coming from Port Louis, head towards Albion at Petit Riviere and drive through the old village of Albion until you reach the church on your left. Head for south Albion and Albion Beach, and the lighthouse is signposted from there.

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