Public Holidays 2014

Public Holidays in Mauritius 2014

The public holidays, or bank holidays for Mauritius 2014, were published by the Government of Mauritius the other week.

A quiet prayer near Rose Hill

Finally the Cabinet of the Government of Mauritius announced the official bank holidays for 2014.

The citizens of Mauritius will probably be pleased to […]

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Car Rental La Preneuse

There seem to be a car rental agency on every corner in Flic en Flac, but where can I find a car rental in La Preneuse?

For good quality rental cars in La Preneuse, head to the major car hire company in La Preneuse; WST Car Hire on Royal Road. It is located opposite the […]

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When to visit Mauritius

Our popular article about the best time to visit Mauritius was published a couple of years ago, where we dived into the pros and cons of the high and low season in Mauritius.

Recently we received a question from Sebastian in the UK, who asks quite simply “what month do you think is the best?” […]

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Albion Lighthouse, Pointe aux Caves.

Albion Lighthouse, or Cave Point Lighthouse is situated on the west coast near the sleepy village of Albion.

Towering over the cliffs, the Albion lighthouse has a panoramic view of the shoreline from Pointe aux Sables to Flic en Flac, and overlooks the luxury mansions of south Albion.

Albion lighthouse exterior

It is a […]

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London Way Supermarket

Judging by the never ending crowds of Black River residents who flock to London Way Supermarket in La Preneuse, this is arguably the most popular supermarket in Black River.

Having recently expanded with a second floor supply storage to prepare for the increasing demand, London Way in La Preneuse seems to be more popular than […]

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Nautica Commercial Centre

The Nautica Commercial Centre, located in south La Preneuse, right opposite of Ruisseau Créole, is the latest addition of commercial properties in Black River.

Proudly marketing itself as the first ‘green’ commercial centre in Mauritius, Nautica and Sasema Property Services set the aim high right from the start.

Nautica Commercial Centre La Preneuse

With […]

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Martello Towers

Almost 500 years ago, an Italian architect laid the foundation for what was to become a world wide monument of the British Empire.

Giovan Giacomo Paleari Fratino, a Genovese architect, designed and built the world’s first Martello Tower, in 1565 in the island of Corsica.

Martello Tower at La Preneuse Beach

Martello Towers […]

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Mare aux Vacoas

Mare aux Vacoas is the largest lake in Mauritius, located just south of Curepipe in the district of Plaines Wilhems.

This vast reservoir of freshwater is supplying the towns and cities of Curepipe, Vacoas, Floreal and Moka with potable water.

Mare aux Vacoas from the west shore

Together with ground water abstraction and the […]

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Renewable Energy in Mauritius

With no known oil, natural gas or coal reserves, Mauritius is largely dependent on imported petroleum products for its energy requirements.

Renewable energy in Mauritius is on the rise, and according to the Government of Mauritius, biomass alone accounts for well over 20% of the national energy supply as of 2012.

CEB electrician at […]

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Public Holidays 2013

Public Holidays in Mauritius 2013

The public holidays, or bank holidays for Mauritius 2013, were published by the Government of Mauritius the other day.

Flag of Mauritius on roof top in Grand Gaube

Following much debate, the proposal to turn January the 3rd into a public holiday was finally turned down last year, and […]

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