Smoking in Mauritius

Both smokers and non smokers are usually curious about smoking in Mauritius. The former usually about cigarette prices in Mauritius, and the latter typically wants to know if he or she can escape the smoke in restaurants.

With more than a third of the country’s population hooked on tobacco, smoking in Mauritius is difficult […]

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Restaurants in La Preneuse

Although a quiet residential area, the village of La Preneuse is still home to a couple of the better restaurants in Mauritius – of both international and Mauritian cuisine.

With a few exceptions, most of the restaurants in La Preneuse are located on or around Royal Road.

Lunch with a view – The Bay […]

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Fast food in Mauritius

Is there a McDonald’s in Tamarin? A KFC in Flic en Flac or a Burger King in Port Louis?

A quick look at classic, western fast food in Mauritius reveals that the market is still largely up for grabs.

KFC Flic en Flac Cascavelle

Partly due to the large muslim population, McDonald’s and other […]

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Alcohol in Mauritius

With a 400 year long history of cultivation of sugar fields, and consequently rum production, it is no surprise that many visitors to the island are curious about alcohol in Mauritius, and more importantly it seems, the cost of alcohol in Mauritius.

Popular beer in Mauritius

Rum production started on the island nearly 200 […]

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Best Snorkelling in Mauritius

Where do you find the best snorkelling waters in Mauritius? Scuba diving in Mauritius’ warm Indian Ocean waters is an amazing experience, no doubt about that, but it’s definitely not the cheapest way to discover the marine life of the island.

“Scuba diving on the cheap”, is an expression we hear sometimes, and while it […]

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Dress Code in Mauritius

Current dress codes in Mauritius and questions regarding how to dress in Mauritius are frequent questions that land in our mailbox, and contrary to popular belief, there are no easy replies.

There is no general dress code for Mauritius, as the island is composed of many different religions and cultures, but there are unspoken rules […]

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PicknPay Supermarket Flic en Flac

South African supermarket giant Pick n Pay opened up its doors to the hungry Mauritian crowds in Cascavelle, Flic en Flac the other day. So what’s all the fuss about?

Update Dec 2011: We’re amazed that so many people ask us for the phone number to the store. Perhaps something for the Pick n Pay […]

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Flights from Europe to Mauritius

Do you actually reply to all questions? Anyway, here’s my question: I know that most major airlines fly to Mauritius one way or the other, but what is typically the cheapest and best option from Europe (from Belgium)?

To be honest with you, we don’t reply to all the questions that we receive, as we […]

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Currency in Mauritius

What currency should I bring to Mauritius? Are exchange rates better in Mauritius than in Europe? Is it wiser to bring a credit card and withdraw Mauritian rupees when I arrive?

Exchange rates vary but generally speaking, asking your bank or exchange office back home to do the work for you is typically the most […]

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Cost of living in Mauritius 2012

It’s about time that we update the Mauritius cost of living thread to reflect 2012 prices, as we head into the 2011 and 2012 season!

The original cost of living post can be found here, and below is an attempt at gathering the cost of living in Mauritius 2012.

This time we went out with […]

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