Cascavelle Shopping Village

Bringing the best to the west?

The Cascavelle Shopping Village opened up to the curious Black River crowds in late 2011, and was a much anticipated addition to the range of retail stores and restaurants in Flic en Flac.

Cascavelle shopping village car park north

Located at the entrance of Flic en Flac, and […]

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Dress Code in Mauritius

Current dress codes in Mauritius and questions regarding how to dress in Mauritius are frequent questions that land in our mailbox, and contrary to popular belief, there are no easy replies.

There is no general dress code for Mauritius, as the island is composed of many different religions and cultures, but there are unspoken rules […]

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Clothing Market

Where can we buy cheap brand clothing?

Friends of ours went to a clothing market in Port Louis last year and although they found lots of clothes, they also found sellers to be a bit pushy. Are there other clothing markets that are not so touristy, and if so, where would we find them? […]

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