Currency in Mauritius

What currency should I bring to Mauritius? Are exchange rates better in Mauritius than in Europe? Is it wiser to bring a credit card and withdraw Mauritian rupees when I arrive?

Exchange rates vary but generally speaking, asking your bank or exchange office back home to do the work for you is typically the most […]

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Airport Exchange Office

I arrive in Mauritius late at night. Will I be able to exchange money at the airport?

Where do I get the best rate?

Yes, the SSR International airport has several money exchange offices.

There are also exchange offices spread out around the island. You will usually get the best […]

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ATM / Cashpoint in La Preneuse?

Is there an ATM in La Preneuse and do they accept Maestro Debit Cards?

Yes, there are ATMs/cashpoints in all major towns in Black River and across the island, and in most of the smaller towns as well.

The ATMs in Mauritius accept most major credit cards as in elsewhere […]

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