ATM / Cashpoint in Flic en Flac?

Is there an ATM / Cashpoint in Flic en Flac?

Yes, currently there are actually two ATMs in Flic en Flac.

The SBM (State Bank of Mautritius) ATM is located near the casino and the Spar Pasadena supermarket.

The MCB (Mauritius Commercial Bank) ATM is located near the small commercial centre on Royal Road […]

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Airport Exchange Office

I arrive in Mauritius late at night. Will I be able to exchange money at the airport?

Where do I get the best rate?

Yes, the SSR International airport has several money exchange offices.

There are also exchange offices spread out around the island. You will usually get the best […]

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ATM / Cashpoint in La Preneuse?

Is there an ATM in La Preneuse and do they accept Maestro Debit Cards?

Yes, there are ATMs/cashpoints in all major towns in Black River and across the island, and in most of the smaller towns as well.

The ATMs in Mauritius accept most major credit cards as in elsewhere […]

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