London Way Supermarket

Judging by the never ending crowds of Black River residents who flock to London Way Supermarket in La Preneuse, this is arguably the most popular supermarket in Black River.

Having recently expanded with a second floor supply storage to prepare for the increasing demand, London Way in La Preneuse seems to be more popular than […]

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Cascavelle Shopping Village

Bringing the best to the west?

The Cascavelle Shopping Village opened up to the curious Black River crowds in late 2011, and was a much anticipated addition to the range of retail stores and restaurants in Flic en Flac.

Cascavelle shopping village car park north

Located at the entrance of Flic en Flac, and […]

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Shoprite Supermarket Tamarin

The much anticipated Shoprite Tamarin supermarket opened up at the Barachois Commercial Centre in Tamarin the other week. We put our supermarket glasses on and went for a quick inspection.

The area has seen several attempts at establishing larger supermarkets in the past. From the Franprix supermarket a few years ago, to the recent Kaddy-Plus […]

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Tropical fruit in Mauritius

Tropical fruit in Mauritius is naturally available in abundance all over the island, both cultivated and in the wild, and two of the more common fruits in Mauritius include the papaya and the mango.

Lychees at fruit market in Mauritius

These two fruit trees and their juicy products are found in the wild all […]

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Restaurants in La Preneuse

Although a quiet residential area, the village of La Preneuse is still home to a couple of the better restaurants in Mauritius – of both international and Mauritian cuisine.

With a few exceptions, most of the restaurants in La Preneuse are located on or around Royal Road.

Lunch with a view – The Bay […]

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Fast food in Mauritius

Is there a McDonald’s in Tamarin? A KFC in Flic en Flac or a Burger King in Port Louis?

A quick look at classic, western fast food in Mauritius reveals that the market is still largely up for grabs.

KFC Flic en Flac Cascavelle

Partly due to the large muslim population, McDonald’s and other […]

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PicknPay Supermarket Flic en Flac

South African supermarket giant Pick n Pay opened up its doors to the hungry Mauritian crowds in Cascavelle, Flic en Flac the other day. So what’s all the fuss about?

Update Dec 2011: We’re amazed that so many people ask us for the phone number to the store. Perhaps something for the Pick n Pay […]

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Tipping in Mauritius Restaurants

Is tipping common in Mauritius? Do you tip in restaurants after a good meal?

Tipping in restaurants in Mauritius occurs mainly in the touristy spots, due to the patrons there often come from a tipping culture, however it is neither compulsory, nor expected.

Visitors from Europe and America sometimes find the service in Mauritius […]

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Chamarel Mauritius

Chamarel is a quaint village located in the mountains some 5 km east of the sleepy seaside towns of La Gaulette and Case Noyale.

The area sports a popular rhumerie (Rhumerie de Chamarel), the famous seven coloured earth, the Black River Gorges waterfalls and an abundance of lush, tropical flora and fauna.

View from […]

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Restaurants in Mauritius

Great info in the cost-of-living thread but we’d like to know how much it costs to eat out in restaurants in Mauritius (and Rodrigues since we are also going there).

We’re not looking at luxury but not the bottom ones either. What should we expect to pay for a three course meal in an […]

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