When to visit Mauritius

Our popular article about the best time to visit Mauritius was published a couple of years ago, where we dived into the pros and cons of the high and low season in Mauritius.

Recently we received a question from Sebastian in the UK, who asks quite simply “what month do you think is the best?” […]

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Wild Monkeys

Hello. I read some time ago in a travel magazine that there are wild monkeys in Mauritius, however I cannot find any info on it now.

Is this correct and can you get close to them or is it more like a national park where you cannot go? Not even wikipedia mention monkeys in […]

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Remote deserted beaches in Mauritius

You mention in the ask-a-question-text, “location of deserted beaches” but I see no answer.

I guess it’s just an example but still … is it possible to find private deserted beaches? Cheers. Mike.

Hi Mike. This is a good question (and quite a frequent one actually). It is indeed possible.


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