Public Holidays 2014

Public Holidays in Mauritius 2014

The public holidays, or bank holidays for Mauritius 2014, were published by the Government of Mauritius the other week.

A quiet prayer near Rose Hill

Finally the Cabinet of the Government of Mauritius announced the official bank holidays for 2014.

The citizens of Mauritius will probably be pleased to […]

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Public Holidays 2013

Public Holidays in Mauritius 2013

The public holidays, or bank holidays for Mauritius 2013, were published by the Government of Mauritius the other day.

Flag of Mauritius on roof top in Grand Gaube

Following much debate, the proposal to turn January the 3rd into a public holiday was finally turned down last year, and […]

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Ougadi, or the Telugu New Year, is a festival celebrated by the Hindu populations in Mauritius, and is a Public Holiday in Mauritius.

Traditionally celebrated by the Telugu people, an ethnic group from south India, Ougadi is now celebrated by several other ethnic groups in Mauritius.

The Telugu People belong to one of the largest […]

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National Day

The National Day in Mauritius is an annual event and a public holiday occurring on the 12th of March each year.

It is a national celebration, marking the date of independence from the British, and occurred on March 12, 1968 – the day the British Union Jack was lowered for the last time.

Flag […]

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Maha Shivaratri

Maha Shivratri, or sometimes Maha Shivratree, is by many regarded as the most important hindu festival in Mauritius.

It is being celebrated in February/March each year in honour of Lord Shiva, and is spanning over three days.

Grand Bassin during Maha Shivaratri

The hindu celebration Maha Shivaratri is preceded by up to a […]

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Thaipoosam Cavadee

Thaipoosam Cavadee is a Tamil festival and public holiday in Mauritius, held annually in Tamil communities across the island.

Thaipoosam devotee with pierced back

The festival is celebrating the Hindu deity Murugan, the son of Lord Shiva, and belong to one of the most important Tamil festivals in Mauritius.

Every year after a fasting […]

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Public Holidays 2012

Public Holidays in Mauritius 2012.

Mauritius has a wonderful mix of many different religions and cultures, each of which has its very own festivals and special holidays.

Spread out over the whole year visitors can enjoy the traditional Western holidays such as Christmas and New Years, as well as the many Muslim, Chinese and Hindu […]

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Public Holidays 2011

Public Holidays in Mauritius 2011.

Some visitors to Mauritius take time to book their holidays making sure dates don’t collide with a major Public Holiday, probably to avoid closed stores and limited public services.

On the other hand, some visitors do the exact opposite, and try to match their dates with a big festival […]

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