London Way Supermarket

Judging by the never ending crowds of Black River residents who flock to London Way Supermarket in La Preneuse, this is arguably the most popular supermarket in Black River.

Having recently expanded with a second floor supply storage to prepare for the increasing demand, London Way in La Preneuse seems to be more popular than […]

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Nautica Commercial Centre

The Nautica Commercial Centre, located in south La Preneuse, right opposite of Ruisseau Créole, is the latest addition of commercial properties in Black River.

Proudly marketing itself as the first ‘green’ commercial centre in Mauritius, Nautica and Sasema Property Services set the aim high right from the start.

Nautica Commercial Centre La Preneuse

With […]

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Cascavelle Shopping Village

Bringing the best to the west?

The Cascavelle Shopping Village opened up to the curious Black River crowds in late 2011, and was a much anticipated addition to the range of retail stores and restaurants in Flic en Flac.

Cascavelle shopping village car park north

Located at the entrance of Flic en Flac, and […]

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Clothing Market

Where can we buy cheap brand clothing?

Friends of ours went to a clothing market in Port Louis last year and although they found lots of clothes, they also found sellers to be a bit pushy. Are there other clothing markets that are not so touristy, and if so, where would we find them? […]

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Cost of Living

Looking for more up-to-date info on cost of living in Mauritius? Have a look at this and this article for 2011 and 2012 supermarket prices in Mauritius.

Hello from Holland!

I have read about the cost of living in Mauritius on so many forums that I can’t keep track anymore and I keep getting […]

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