When to visit Mauritius

Our popular article about the best time to visit Mauritius was published a couple of years ago, where we dived into the pros and cons of the high and low season in Mauritius.

Recently we received a question from Sebastian in the UK, who asks quite simply “what month do you think is the best?” […]

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Best time to visit Mauritius?

What month of the year is the best time to visit Mauritius?

This is undeniably one of the most frequent questions we receive, and by far one of the most difficult to reply to.

2013 update: We think you might also be interested in this article on the weather in Mauritius: When to visit […]

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Average Temperature in Mauritius

Hi. What’s the average temperature in Mauritius? I’ve seen graphs everywhere online but they all seem to have different data.

Thanks in advance….

There are thousands of temperature charts all over the internet with data on average temperatures in Mauritius. Some are accurate, some are unfortunately not.

In our opinion, […]

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